Colorado Probate Law Services

Probate can be one of the most confusing times for a family.  You are still grieving for your lost love one, and then you start getting papers thrown at you.  Probate is the court process to finalize your love one’s estate.  Let this Arvada lawyer help you sort through all the information and make decisions, no matter where you live in the Denver Metro area.

Probate court also includes situations when you need a guardianship or a conservatorship for a loved one who can no longer take care of themselves or their affairs.  Guardianship is where someone makes decisions for the person’s health and living situation.  Conservatorship is for the person’s money.  If you are concerned about a loved one and their ability to care for themselves, come in for a free consultation.

Whether its probate or guardianship/conservatorship, I can take care of the legal requirements so that you can focus on your family and yourself.  I can do as much or as little as the family requires.

Did you know :

  • The person who is named as the personal representative (executor) has many fiduciary duties.  Don’t get caught not knowing the rules.
  • You can handle a probate formally or informally through the courts.  Don’t get yourself involved in the wrong judicial process.  I can make sure that you go through the court process with ease.
  • If all of the decedent’s family lives out of state, I can escort the entire process through the Colorado system with little hassle to you.
  • Sometimes a decedent lived in another state and owned property here in Colorado.  I can help with the ancillary jurisdiction that is required to ensure the Colorado property is properly handled.
  • You have options if the decedent’s estate was insolvent (doesn’t have enough money to cover the debts).  Often no one but the decedent is responsible for the debt, don’t let big creditors fool you.  I can help you save as many assets as possible for your family.

Small estate or large, anywhere in the city, this Arvada lawyer can help you.

“Meggin’s commitment to advocating for her clients is unwavering, her integrity speaks volumes, she always seeks for an amicable outcome that is fair for all parties involved, this is VERY important especially when children are involved. She’s professional and tough when she has to be, comforting when you need her to be!! As a father I’ve heard plenty of horror custody cases. I have Meggin to thank that I don’t have one of my own to share.” –Father in Arapahoe County

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