About the Attorney – Meggin Rutherford

I help Colorado families by providing them responsive and compassionate assistance with family law, adoption and guardianship, wills and estate planning, and probate.  I hope you explore my website to learn more about how I can help you.

I decided to go into law instead of academics because I love to help people. I relish learning new things every day. Most people face some kind of legal issue in their lives; maybe as simple as a traffic ticket or as confusing as a parent’s probate estate. Sometimes things happen that aren’t right, and people need help to navigate the legal system. I am dedicated to helping everyone understand the law and how it affects them.

My experience is in the areas of divorce, child custody, paternity, probate, wills and trusts, juvenile law and criminal law. I’m not afraid of court—I have conducted over 200 trials and motions hearings. However, I believe that settlement outside of court is usually in everyone’s best interest.  I strive to provide the best service for each client, whether that involves settlement or trial.

I also am helping craft new laws to help the average family.  As a member of the legislative subcommittee of the Family Law Bar, I strive to ensure that the laws are fair and reflect the modern family.

I am from a family of proud Colorado pioneers.  Growing up in Amarillo, TX, I was an active member of the speech and debate team where I became a nationally ranked extemporaneous speaker.  This is where I learned what I love to do today: use my persuasive skills to help those in need. I was also involved in local 4-H club, the American Quarter Horse Association, and volunteered much of my time to various community groups.

While attending Austin College in Sherman, Texas, I was an active member of the pre-law society, the Leadership Institute, and the Student Development Board. I helped found and grow the Austin College Law Day. I also had the incredible experience of being able to travel to nine countries from Thailand to Timbuktu.

Returning to my home state, Colorado, I was awarded a full-tuition scholarship to the University of Colorado Law School. While studying, I participated in the Doman International Law Society, the Student Trial Lawyers Society, and many mock trials and moot court events. I graduated in the top half of my class and passed the bar in 2009.  The Rutherford Family Law Center began in early 2010. I love being able to help people and learn new things every day. Each case and each day is a great new adventure.

My goal is to make the whole court procedure understandable to every client in the Arvada and Denver area, and help every client reach the best possible result for their family.

I have received many awards and held many positions. These include: Phi Beta Kappa, President and Secretary, Pre-Law Society, Recipient, Bernard J. Seeman Scholarship, Author: “Justice Sandra Day O’Connor: Feminist or Feminine Jurisprudence?” Pi Sigma Alpha Chi Political Science Journal. Top Oralist, 2009 Carrigan Cup Mock Trial Competition, University of Colorado Law School, Boulder, Colorado. Top Grade Earner, Motions Advocacy, University of Colorado Law School, Boulder, Colorado. Participant, Regional Competition for Jessup International Law Moot Court,

“Meggin was and still is a wonderful attorney for me. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need any legal help.”  –Mother in Adams County